Mobile app not working with self-hosted deployment

We've just moved from Retool cloud to a self-hosted deployment and are having an issue with mobile apps.
I can login and view an app, but if I switch to a different app it displays the loading view, flashes for a frame then displays the loading view again, never loading. If I switch back to the main app it also never loads and I have to force restart the app to get it working again. There are no errors I can see in the API container log.

We can reproduce this consistently on both iOS and Android, and the issue was present in Retool self-hosted 3.6.2 and 3.4.3. Desktop apps work fine and we're using a reverse proxy (caddy) in front of Retool if relevant.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Do you mind sharing a screen recording of this behavior?

Hi @bca,

I’ve noticed the same behaviour today with our Android Zebra devices running the latest app release with enterprise onprem 3.4.7
On Monday I can share more details.

Sure. Here’s a screen recording: iCloud

I’ve just noticed the issue only seems to occur when using the hamburger menu. If you return to home then view an app, it loads just fine.

Yes, I can confirm the same behaviour, except for me it's only happening on Android, not on iOS.

A couple more details: I’m using iOS app 3.7.0 and running iOS 17 Beta 4.
We can also reproduce on Android 14 beta, app version 3.6.0.

I can confirm the issue is fixed on Retool iOS v3.8.0.

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