Login Retool Mobile not possible in self-hosted 3.18

As of 3.18, it seems like the login behavior to retool mobile has changed (at least for on-premise). When using 3.18.6, we are unable to log into our on-premise retool mobile instance anymore, as the fields for e-mail and password are missing and instead a browser popup opens. When logging in with the browser, the app does not process the login/redirect correctly. The user is not logged in and can open the login screen again. This occurs both in Android and iOS.

We had to roll back to 3.16.7, which works with the old login screen --> you type email address and password in the app, no additional browser window pops up).

We are using http and self-hosting using docker on linux server.

@cjschmedt Do you mind DMing me (or emailing me at braden AT retool dot com) some details on your deployment and login type? I just confirmed that we are not showing the web login UI with 3.18 so maybe there is a missing detail here.