Missing Uploaded Images that were there yesterday - Retool Storage permissions

Is anyone else missing uploaded images? They were working fine yesterday, now they're missing.

There used to be a logo up there...

Can you clarify if this was stored using Retool Storage or if this was uploaded using the image viewer uploader?

This is using Retool Storage. I've tried replace it, re-uploading it, removing it / publishing / adding publishing, but it just doesn't show when viewing as a non-editor.

This is using retool hosted, custom domain, with branding, if that's helpful, and had been fine for weeks until Tuesday.

Can you please check if retool storage resource permissions are correctly set i.e. that the relevant users or groups have access to this?

That was it. For anyone with the same issues:
Settings > Permissions > [permission group] > Resources > retool_storage

This was working earlier without changing perms, so I assume this was updated recently.