Bug: Image from Retool Storage in Public App returns 401

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Just a heads up that when you use an image uploaded with Retool Storage in a Public App, the user will be redirected to the login page. This happens because the request to fetch the image returns a 401, and the user will be prompted to login.


Hi @avr sorry to hear you ran into this issue! :disappointed: It's a bug that we're tracking internally. For the time being, I'd recommend storing the image somewhere else if it's needed in a public app (so that you can use the image url option)


@Tess I have the same issue! , any news about the fix? or if we wants use app embedded then we should host all images out of retool???

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The current state is that you can display images/pdfs in public apps so that should work already (except when displaying these in table viewer components). Also, upload component in public apps isn't supported yet.

It sounds like your use cases should already be supported. Please let me know if not.

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