Load chunk error

Dear community

I keep gettting "Load chunk errors" for a few minutes, I have to refresh my app about 10 times (using Chrome browser) and then it settles down again.

Any ideas what could be causing this so that I can chase it down?

(I have to admit, it's not just Retool, I'm getting this with Xero too!)



Hey Jeremy! Do you see this same error in Incognito? Are are all of your Retool apps throwing this error, or just some of them?

what was the resolution to this error as we are encountering the same problem after the Retool self-host 3.33.x software upgrade.

Hi @john.morales,

I saw that your team was chatting with Lauren about this internally :blush: Are you still seeing these errors unexpectedly?

For general context on this error, the chunk load errors can be common right after upgrading or generally restarting containers. The frontend assets are rebuilt and have different filenames on restart, and the frontend requesting them doesn't know that yet. A hard refresh of the page should clear out the cache & make sure they get the new assets.

Hi Tess,

I include Prem Sagar my DevOps Engineer who is working on several issues after upgrading to the Retool 3.33.27 stable release. He can provide more information.

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If I remember rightly, it was a bad internet connection. We got that fixed and these errors stopped!?

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