Retool Running Slow / Not Loading


Since yesterday, Retool has been acting slow with items such as the sidebar within an app not loading, queries not executing in the query library as it seems to be consistently loading and apps taking 3~ minutes to load in the editor view.

Any ideas on how to fix this would be great - I have cleared cookies/cache already.


I am now getting that the pages are unresponsive in chrome, with the URL even though they are working.

Hey @Mike_Miner! Sorry to hear you are facing some performance issues. We didn't have any widespread issues yesterday, so a couple of follow ups.

  1. Are you using Retool on Cloud or a self-hosted instance? If self-hosted, which version?
  2. Are you still experiencing slowness / unresponsive pages?

Hey Joe,

Thanks for the response - This was due to a Chrome plugin we use for capturing demos. I've disabled this plugin and it's fixed the issue.


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