Loading chunk 24707 failed after 5 retries. (24707.8d682d612012bfc728fa.js) Retool self-host start giving errors suddenly

Hi Team,

Form the last 2 hours sudden I've been getting the error Loading chunk 24707 failed after 5 retries.

Please help me resolve this ASAP

Hey Pradip, some questions to start things off here:

  1. What changes were made to the instance to cause it to start returning chunk errors? Perhaps you upgraded versions? Are you able to undo that change to see if it unblocks you for the time being?

  2. Does this reproduce for all users or just you?

  3. What version are you on? (and if you upgraded, which version did you upgrade from?)

  4. How are you reproducing this issue? (just after opening an app?) Does this affect all apps or only certain apps? Does it reproduce every time or intermittently?

  1. I have not made any changes from the last week.
  2. Issue coming for all users.
  3. Retool version 3.30.2
  4. Just after opening the app for all apps.

It was running fine but today sudden issue came up.
I have seen the console panel of the browser many JS pages returning 404 errors.
I checked the logs also but didn't find anything please help me on this.

  1. I have not made any changes from the last week.

If this is the case, and it was working fine without changes after you upgraded, then perhaps your local storage DB became full? (can you double check your storage DB free space?) Or there's maybe some networking regression which is preventing files from being loaded properly.

3.30.2 it seems was only pushed out 10 days ago, so you must have upgraded to this version in the last 10 days? Perhaps this upgrade is the cause, I'm wondering if you have a dev/staging instance you can roll back to an earlier version to unblock yourselves for the time being? If not it might be worth rolling this instance back to your previous version (I'm hoping you didn't jump too many minor versions in one go)

There doesn't seem to be a memory issue at the moment; it is working fine just after restarting the instance. However, I'm concerned that this issue may recur in the future.

Hey @Pradip_Kumar_Parkar as @Isaac-H mentioned chunk errors generally only seen after updates to the Retool version etc. If that wasn't the case for your instance we'd have to dig into what was occurring at that particular time with the network / storage DB.