List View Background Not Changing

I have a list view that includes a container. I am trying to remove the background of the list view so that the containers look spaced out on the canvas color. Instead, they are currently sat on top of the white background and I cannot remove or change the background color of the listview component.

Can anyone help? Is there some CSS I can put in place instead to circumnavigate this issue in the UI?

Thanks in advance!

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Is this what you want ?

Here is css

._retool-container-listView1 .retool-container {

If you what to apply it to organization app, you should put it in the preload css of setting of global.

Here a related topic for your refer.


Thanks @AnsonHwang ! Just what I was after.


Thank you @AnsonHwang, but since the Listview component has a "Style" section, I think we need to consider this a bug.

It should be able to set the background of the listview via the styles settings:

@Tess @retool-team

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Hi there! Yes, this is a regression bug :confused:

Our team is looking into it now & I hope to have a fix for you soon :crossed_fingers:

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Looks like the fix will ship to Cloud next Wednesday!

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