June Challenge: Retool Pool Party. All Collaborators Invited!

Dive into June with Our Pool Party Collaboration Challenge! :ocean::man_swimming:

Summer is here, and it’s time to make a splash in the Retool Community Forum! This month, we’re hosting a Pool Party Challenge to celebrate and reward collaboration.

Let’s Make a Splash!

This challenge runs from June 1-30. All participation actions will count towards your score, so jump in early and often! Anyone with a Retool community forum login can join the fun. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just dipping your toes in, there’s a place for you at our Pool Party! :sun_with_face::dark_sunglasses:

This month, we’re diving deep into collaboration. We want to see you:

  • Get users unstuck quickly
  • Invite/Tag other users
  • Help out on questions you've been tagged on
  • Collaborate on a question bonus points if you achieve a solution marked with a checkbox!

Check out the points system and see what earns you rewards! At the end of the month, we’ll recognize the top collaborators with special badges and some sweet Retool swag.

The Challenges

1. Poolside MVPs

  • Party Animal: For the person who responds to the most tags by other users on questions throughout the month.

  • Party Monster: Awarded to the top 3 users who respond to the most topics.

  • Fast Responder: For those who respond to 5 or more questions within two days of the topic creation date. Let’s keep the waters clear and everyone afloat!

  • Rookie Swimmer: Make your first contributions as a newcomer. You've just joined the community within the last 3 months, but you're already getting your feet wet by helping out someone else!

2. Comment Tiers

  • Poolside Enthusiast: Make comments on 5-19 different posts to earn the Poolside Enthusiast badge. You're just getting started, but you're making waves!

  • Aqua Advisor: Make 20-34 comments to earn the Aqua Advisor badge. Your consistent contributions are keeping the pool party lively and engaging.

  • Wave Maker: Make 35-54 comments to earn the Wave Maker badge. You're a key player in the community, always ready to help and share your knowledge.

  • Tidal Titan: Make 55+ comments to earn the Tidal Titan badge. You're a powerhouse of participation, making a huge impact with your involvement. We’ll also send you some exclusive Retool swag as a thank you for your dedication!

Tips for Successful Collaboration

  • Be Prompt: Respond to questions quickly to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Ask Questions Clearly: Follow our community guidelines and ask high quality questions to get high quality help from peers (Retool guide in the works)!

Swimmers Unite!

Throughout the month, keep an eye on the June Challenge Leaderboard to see how you and your fellow community members are doing. We’ll give shoutouts to top performers and highlight some of the best collaborations.

So, grab your sunscreen, put on your shades, and let’s dive into a month of fun and fruitful collaboration. The pool is open, and the water’s fine!

:swimming_woman::palm_tree::sun_with_face: Let the Pool Party Challenge begin! :sun_with_face::palm_tree::swimming_woman:



is there a link or how do you navigate to leaderboards for a specific month?

Edit: I found the leaderboards! for anybody else reading and wondering, click on anybody's name and in the name card thingy that pops up in the bottom left corner it says how many tooltip points they have.... click that number. :smile:



Hope everyone's week is going swimmingly! At the risk of exhausting pool puns, let's di-ive into how this month's challenge is progressing so far. :ocean: :swimming_woman: :sun_with_face:

Wolf Of Wall Street Yacht Scene GIF - Wolf Of Wall Street Yacht Scene Jordan Belfort GIFs

Rookie Swimmers

I want to start off by recognizing newcomers to the forum who are already making waves :ocean:. Let's give a metaphorical round-of-applause to these Roookie Swimmers! A big shout out and hello to:@ndpete, @Steven_W, @Chris_Skiles, @GuilhermeSilva, @David_Wipr, @Tom_Webster, @Augustine_Whitehouse, and @suranisaunak. Welcome to the community! :tada: Very excited to see how much the community has been growing and love seeing all these new faces (avatars).

If you're new to the forum, you may not know that we do monthly challenges. Take a look here to learn more about how to participate.

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The State of Comment Tiers

Measured by comments made per user on unique topics.

Thank you for your participation! We've hit over 135 responses within a two day interval so far this month compared to 91 last month. Major shoutout to @bobthebear who is so close to Tidal Titan after only 11 days?!
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"What like it's hard?"

Fast Responders:

Congrats to @bobthebear, @MiguelOrtiz, @pyrrho, @Milan_Kalem, @jg80, @MikeCB, and @preshetin for responding to at least 5 posts within 2 days. Most of you are already crushing the comment tier bracket and jumping into new topics. Wow -you all move fast! It's like you have a covert parallel challenge to see who will respond first... :female_detective: :thinking:

** Fetch Swimming GIF - Fetch Swimming Dogs GIFs**


Throughout the month, keep an eye on the June Challenge Leaderboard to see how you and your fellow community members are doing. Tooltips points on the leaderboard don't directly correlate to this month's badges, but do give a great sense of folks' overall participation! Here's the view as of 06/10:

@bobthebear, @MiguelOrtiz , @pyrrho, @jg80 @trz-justin-dev @khill-fbmc @Thore @stefancvrkotic, @BernhardLenz, @MikeCB, and @sgodoshian.

Thanks everyone for your participation so far. It has been really cool seeing groups of you work together, bring your individual strengths and personalities to the discussion, and build a strong community. Keep tagging -we're tracking tag and responses! It really makes the difference for us at Retool to have you all here. :heart_hands: :computer: :heart_hands:

Excited for what the rest of the month will bring. Set up alerts for posts on this Topic to follow along for updates!

Out of curiosity, has anyone actually been able to use a pool yet this summer? Is it warm enough? Where are you all located?