April Challenge: Retool Solutions, Existing Answer Easter Egg Hunt Edition


[Disclaimer: this is not, repeat, not an April Fools joke, despite kicking off April 1st :slightly_smiling_face:]

For those lucky enough to have participated in an easter egg hunt recently (of the IRL scavenger hunt for plastic-encased-candy or hard-boiled-and-painted variety), good news – there’s a chance to continue the fun here on the Retool Forum! If you didn’t do an easter egg hunt yet this year, like me, fear not – here’s your chance!

We’ve received positive feedback from this community around our past Solutions Challenges in August and January. We also saw that momentum led to more engagement and collaboration even after the challenge was over! SO, we’re back again with a solutions-based challenge, with exciting badges and swag on the line to earn.

The Hunt for Existing Answers

From April 1st-May 1st, we’ll not only count Marked Solutions toward earning badges, we’ll also award extra points (and more badges!) for Solutions that were powered by a link to existing community.retool.com content.

That’s the easter egg aspect: hunt for the perfect easter egg of a solution amongst existing forum topics, and share the link in response to another open question on the forum! The previous post you reference doesn’t have to be the entire solution, but if its content helped you solve the topic question, that counts for extra points. Hopefully this all leads to many topics for which we can say:
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Solutions Hatched: Keep marking Solutions with a :white_check_mark: when someone’s post solved your original question, and encourage each other to do so. See this section of Discourse’s documentation for the marked solution plugin we use, including screenshots of where to find the solution checkbox. The creator of the topic can mark a solution, and Moderators and Admins (our team) can mark solutions. We’ll count the total Solutions per contributor for the Solutions Hatched Tiers below.

Existing Answer Easter Egg Hunt: We’ll use the easter-egg-hunt tag to identify topics that contain a solution referencing an existing forum topic. If you provide a solution that references another forum topic, please add the easter-egg-hunt tag. Our team will also do our best to add the tag when we see existing solutions linked. These count for the Easter Egg Sleuth badges below.

Solutions Hatched Tiers

These tiers are for overall Solution count, whether you link to an existing answer or not. Earn the following badges!

Solution Hatchling Tier

  • You’ve hatched 3-4 solutions this month to earn the Solution Hatchling badge!

Solution Incubator Tier

  • After incubating your Retool expertise in your mind, you introduced a whole new clutch of solutions to this forum, amounting to 5-9 solutions this month! You’ve earned the Solution Incubator badge.

Solution Egg Painter Tier

  • Providing solutions to unblock your fellow community builders is your true art form – you’ve decorated between 10-14 solution eggs this month! You’ve earned the Solution Egg Painter badge.

Solution Easter Bunny Tier

  • You’ve reached mystical creature level. You’ve ‘hidden’ or really, uncovered, 15+ Solutions this month, planting them around our forum for future forum users to discover when they’re embarking on their own solution hunt! You’ve earned the Solution Easter Bunny badge. We’ll throw in some Retool swag for those who reach this level!

Existing Answer Easter Egg Hunt Tiers

In addition to your overall solution count, you have the opportunity to earn these accolades based on the count of Existing Answer Easter Eggs Surfaced, based on topics with the easter-egg-hunt tag:

Sleuth Status

  • You found and linked existing answers that led to at least 3 Solutions. You’ve earned the sleuth status badge!

Senior ReSearcher

  • You found and linked existing answers that led to at least 5 Solutions. You’ve earned the Senior ReSearcher badge!

Expert Solution Spy

  • You found and linked existing answers that led to at least 10 Solutions. You’ve earned the Expert (or shall we say "Eggs-pert") Solution Spy badge! We’ll throw in some Retool swag for those who reach this level!

Pointers for the Existing Answer Hunt

Use the Advanced Search option Topics (Semantic”, and include status:solved as a search term if you’d like to narrow the search to topics with a marked solution. Note, we only began marking solutions about a year ago.

:mega: Let the hunt for existing answers, and the hatching of new solutions begin! :hatching_chick:


cc @Resolution_Roundtable_Participants for visibility, since you all contributed verified solutions to our forum in January -- we invite you to join this month's challenge! :hatching_chick: :mag:

Stay tuned for weekly updates throughout this month.

Hi folks! We're 10 days into the challenge, and already 49 unique contributors have offered at least 1 Marked Solution! Thank you for sharing knowledge with each other, and keep it up, y'all!

To check out the posts so far that have identified Existing Answers in our existing answer easter egg hunt, check out the posts tagged with easter-egg-hunt!

  • Thank you @APD and @jg80 for helping the community by sharing solutions that reference existing content on the community forum :rocket: :books: :brain:

There's still just under 3 weeks left in this challenge. Thanks for participating in the hunt for solutions and existing answers! :hugs: