JSON Explorer is not functioning properly

Hey there!

I opened an app that I developed last month and noticed that the JSON Explorer is not functioning properly.

The value and transformer that the component is referring to remain the same, and the JSON output is still valid.

I am not sure why it's not working. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!

It's strange, but my issue resolved on its own without me taking any action.

I'm wondering if someone from Retool saw my post on Discord, which was made 15 minutes before this post, and applied a fix.
If it was something that I did, I would appreciate knowing what it was.

Is there a time delay before updates take effect?
The software seems to be quite buggy today.

Hi @KMimpact - Glad to hear the initial issue you were facing here has been resolved. I also was not able to replicate this issue so sounds like it was an isolated issue. Do let us know if you see this again.

As for your latest issue, this should update fairly immediately - are you still seeing lags between the selections changing and the inspect changing? Can I ask if you see this only by hovering over the value or are you also seeing that the "state" isn't properly changing when selecting new items? I am also not able to replicate this on my end and see both the inspect and state changing almost immediately. Any more detail about this would be helpful including information about the instance of retool you're using (cloud/on-premise+version) as well as any browser information would be further helpful here to dig into this further.

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