Incorrect table horizontal scroll behaviour

today we've noticed that if a grid contains freezed columns they might overlap during horizontal scrolling. Not all our tables are broken this way, but most of them are.
What happened and how we can fix it on our side?
Here is an example: 2022-01-14 13-27-26.gif — Яндекс.Диск

Hi @mtroinin, Thanks for flagging this for us. This is a bug on our end and our eng team is working on getting a fix shipped soon. I've linked this post to our internal report and I'll let you know as soon as a fix goes out!

Until then would you be able to either unfreeze your columns OR create a second table component and move your frozen columns to that separate table?

Hey @mtroinin, We shipped a fix for this bug this afternoon! Can you confirm that the issue is resolved on your end?

Thanks. It works well now.