Tables Component Jittering

  • Goal: Tables are jittering - glitching

  • Steps: This also happens when setting "Automatic Width" for tables, but after removing this option I still have this behavior.

  • Details: I have seen this behavior multiple times, not only in this application but across my apps.
    Some of this behavior happens when the screen resolution changes (E.g when opening a query and the screen size gets reduced, or entering in preview mode, any action that changes the canvas resolution)

  • Screenshots:
    Jitter Tables

I get this too. It seems to only happen in edit mode.

Plus one from me too - I tend to switch off automatic width/height hen it happens, but really wish I didn't have to.


Thanks for reporting!

Unfortunately, this is a bug that we need to fix. @jg80's suggestion is the only workaround I've found so far

I'll post here if I get an update internally about a fix

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