Table Frozen Columns are Transparent

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In the latest cloud hosted version, when freezing table columns the background becomes transparent and when scrolling text overlaps existing text.

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strange, I'm not getting this behavior. Something's telling me that it's one cell that's causing this. If you're up for some debugging I would remove each cell one by one to narrow it down.

We also have faced with the issue recently. No corrections been made in our dashboards - looks like it's some unattended platform update.

Hey all!

I just wanted to update this thread, I was able to reproduce this and have written up a bug report and linked this thread to it so we can keep this thread updated as a fix is merged. Thanks for flagging this!

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Hey all — I just wanted to circle back around here on this, it looks like our team was able to ship a fix that should now be live. Let me know if anyone is still seeing this issue! :slight_smile:

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Amazing looks good on my accounts. Thank you for the quick work!