I would like to configure the embedded ace editors settings

Since most of us use vscode (if not using retool) I would like to add some keyboard shortcuts the retool embedded ace editor.

Especially for commenting and uncommenting lines of code.

No need for a UI, just a hint how this could be done.

Also enabling folding in both text- and jsonEditor would be nice.

Hey @Istvan_Palfy!

Are you looking to add a particular shortcut for commenting out code? At the moment it should be possible using cmd + / or ctrl + /:

Code folding in the JSON editor is also possible! (Though perhaps a bit hidden :sweat: )

As for folding in the text editor, do you have a particular example in mind that you're using as a reference? And would this be specifically for the rich text editor?

Wow. That's nice! And indeed quite hidden, at least the folding.

cmd+/ is also part of the full keyboard shortcut list (of code mirror). However, using a german keyboard makes all keyboard shortcuts hard to use anyway. Some shortcuts are sucked up by chrome, others can't be sent (all not retools fault) So I can't really test all.

BTW: Code Mirror list these shortcuts: