Ability to Undock Query Editor

I think it would it helpful to be able to undock the query editor when working within an app. Like you can undock chrome dev tools.


This is a great idea! Especially if you have multiple monitors. A few people have requested this in the past as well. While we don’t have plans to add this immediately, I’ll certainly let you know here when if we prioritize it in the near future.

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It would make it feel less crowded. I often find myself having to place the cursor in this very narrow strip of screen real estate to be able to scroll downwards without moving the query scrollbar. :sweat_smile:

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+1 for the feature, I often find myself copying the code of existing queries into VSCode, editing (with clean auto-formatting) in full screen and then pasting back the content into the Retool UI.
Same could be said about inline JS fields (component properties) where you need to edit elsewhere when the logic (concatenation, formatting) is a bit too advanced for a one-liner.

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Definitely. It would be great if they used the Monaco editor (which comes with auto formatting). @alex-w


This would be HUGE. Just like how the DevTools option works, perfect for working with multiple monitors.

This thread hasn't gotten too much traction, which I believe it's because of the keywords used: it took me a bit to realize I had to use the 'undock' verb, I was trying 'detach'/'split' before.

Nonetheless, I believe this is one of the features that, although not a big crowd is asking for it, if it was available, almost everyone would use it.

It's pretty much like the DevTools, it's rare to see a developer using it at the bottom or on the side because it affects the height/width of the page, thus making the experience different from what a real user would see.

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Add my vote to the feature request!

I'm writing a custom react component and really wishing there was an "Open in VS Code" button enabling me to edit code using all my vs code plugins, hotkeys, and intellisence features for javascript and react. The same thing would be useful for the query editor and I could leverage the vs code sql beautifier. You'd give your developers a suite of features without having to build any of them. Retool would just need to sync the iframe code editor with a remote file in vscode.

Please :pray:

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