Editor keyboard shortcuts

Having used Retool for a while now, I'm starting to learn the tips and tricks that can make me more productive while creating/editing apps.
As someone who uses an IDE regularly, keyboard shortcuts are extremely important.
I have a couple of suggestions/requests with how retool implements keyboard shortcuts in the editor.

  1. Keyboard shortcut hints are always shown for MacOS, even when viewing from a browser on a Windows based PC.
    Not sure if this is a bug, but if the Windows based shortcuts could be shown when using Retool from a Windows based browser, I wouldn't have to spend any more time figuring out what the "Option" and "Command" keys translate to on Windows :grin:

  2. There are some shortcuts assigned to functions within Retool which are shortcuts that Chrome (And I'm sure some other Chromium based browsers too) use for built in functions.
    Example: Collapse/Expand the inspector tab (Ctrl + U)
    That shortcut is what Chrome uses for it's "View source" function. Anytime I want to toggle the inspector, a new tab with source code opens. If I close the source code tab, the inspector was indeed toggled within Retool, but it would be great if I didn't have to go through the extra steps.

Would love to hear any other suggestions regarding editor shortcuts

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Hi @TomRizz Thanks for reaching out about this! Our team is aware of the conflict with cntrl +U :disappointed: I'll let you know when they ship a fix

For the Mac shortcuts being suggested, that is helpful feedback! I'll put in a request to change that as well

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Hi @TomRizz,

Our team let me know that we changed the keyboard shortcut displayed depending on whether a user is on Mac or Windows :tada:

Hey @Tess,
That's awesome!

Should this be live on Cloud hosted now?
I'm still seeing Mac shortcuts on when accessing from Windows.
(Cleared cache, logged out, logged back in)