I can not reconect to my project!

Can I please be contacted by someone in charge of website maintenance becose I can not recconect to my project

It seems like your email address belongs to multiple Retool organizations. We’ve sent you a list of these organizations to your email. Check your inbox and visit the appropriate organization’s login link to continue. this is the error I m getting. please stop sending me 20 e mails teaching me how to connect and fix the thing before!
No organization found for subdomain: r**** ?????

Hi @Gabriel_Ifrim! Thanks for reaching out & sorry to hear about this issue :disappointed:

I see that you've connected with my teammate, Isaac, internally, and he's reached out about next steps in resolving. Thanks for the suggestion, @mbruijnpff! :pray: It looks like it might've been a conflict with upper case letters in the subdomain not matching our internal search. In any case, the experience here could definitely be improved. I'll link this thread to an internal ticket tracking ways we can improve the sign in process

În mar., 26 sept. 2023 la 16:18, Gabriel Ifrim <ifrim.gabryel@gmail.com> a scris: