Can end users edit Apps?

Hey there !

At my company we are newbies with Retool but, so far, playing around with the free subscription self-hosted, all feedback is pretty positive !

We would like to evolve with our subscription and start sharing Apps with End users. Thus, we would like to promote to the “Team” subscription.

We have one open question though for such. We will create 5 end users, but we are not totally sure whether these end-users users will be prevented to edit Apps or not.

Based on pricing, it looks like they are end users, so they should not be able to edit Apps.
However, we have read contradictory information on other support questions, so we are confused.

For security reasons, these end users must be in fact “end users”, unable to edit Apps.

Thanks a lot in advance

They will not be "prevented" or "unable" to edit apps on the Team plan, for that you want the Business plan.

As the Retool billing page explains:

  • Pricing is based on users' activity in Retool each month.
  • Users that edit Retool apps or workflows will be billed as standard users.
  • Enabled users that don't edit apps or workflows will be billed as end users.
  • For permission-based control over which users can edit apps and become a standard user, upgrade to Retool Business

Thanks @dcartlidge for the clarification !