How do I share the link to my retool application

How do I share the link to my retool application without the person needing to log in to retool

Hi @ruansantana, this is achievable with Retool's Public apps. However, we must have a Business plan or above.

I have a generic email address i wish to share with 10 users of my simple free version of the app.
When I share the link it advises login to retool not available with those credentials.
Although it works with some email addresses.
Do i need to create a separate retool account with that email address first for it to work?

Hi @SANTANAR, just to clarify:

Are you trying to invite those 10 users to your organization?

If that is the case, even if they already have a retool account, each organization has its own users, so they would still need to sign up for your org. Go to your org settings and click invite. When you invite them, they'll get an email to sign up to your org. Only then they will be able to login to your org and use your apps.

Hi Paulo.
My issue is where I am inviting someone who uses a different gmail account already.
If I use a different one (specific to this app) it doesn't seem to work - it asks for login creds but does not recognize that email address as a login and password saying that not permitted.
I've even tried logging them out of their own gmail account for the purposes of a test but that too fails.
Happy to share creds with you on a private chat if you wish.

Incidentally, all 10 users will be using the same email address to login making it effectively 1 retool user (I believe).
It won;t be a heavy traffic site so not expecting contention issues and such like.

This isn't natively supported, we have not built the product for this purpose. In addition, we cannot provide support on going around our business model. On the Free plan, orgs have a limit of 5 users. I would suggest trying us on the Free plan and see if we offer what your team needs. If we do, upgrade to the Team plan.

Here is our doc on pricing.