LogIn Procedures

We seem to have new login procedures that require us to get email confirmation as to what section of Retool we are authorized to work in.

We did not have this before.

We used to be able to enter our email address and password and go immediately to our porgram list.

Why do we have to go through all this?


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I'm not experiencing this

@mdsmith1 it sounds like you may belong to multiple Retool orgs with a single email address. Before a few months ago, you could only belong to 1 Retool org with 1 email address.

Now that it's possible to belong to multiple orgs, the best way to log in is to go to a specific org's login page. Specifically, if the organization you want to log into has the subdomain name "organization1", you should log in at the url https://organization1.retool.com/auth/login

If you go to login.retool.com, Retool doesn't know which org you want to enter into, so that's why you get an email with specific instructions to click through to log into each org you belong to.

See my post about this over here! :slightly_smiling_face: Hope this helps - bookmarking the specific login pages may be a smoother way for you to log in going forward.

I am still trying to get my mind around this.

My current login is https://doncaster.retool.com/auth/login

Suppose I have a client at "carpenter1.com" who would like to use my software service. how do I get my files on his server so he can use my code and how would he login?