Header not showing for all apps

i have a problem with my instance of retool.

Header block not showing the modules or components.
Can you support me?

In this screenshot, header have a module Nav but not showing in Edit or Preview mode.


Hi @Alessandro_Magri Thanks for reaching out!

Are the components showing in the component tree?

If yes, I'd try setting the components to be hidden and then unhidden to see if that updates anything. If they are no longer in the tree, I'd recommend checking your app history to see if they were removed :thinking:

Hi @Tess,
i don't see this panel in my retool instance.
Where is?

Hi @Alessandro_Magri Good to know! I'm likely on a different version of Retool than you. What version are you using?

The version info can be found by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen. A menu should pop up which will show your Retool version number:

Hi Tess,
my retool version is 2.89.11


Hi @Alessandro_Magri,

Thank you! It looks like we fixed this issue on the latest release of Retool version 2.95. Would you be able to upgrade to 2.95 or later?

Hi @Tess,
thank you for your support.
For update Retool instance you can share a guide.

Thanks and regards

Hi @Alessandro_Magri Yes, here are our docs!

Once you get to 2.95 and everything is working as expected, I recommend considering doing a few more upgrades :slightly_smiling_face: We have shipped some very exciting updates on the latest versions of Retool (particularly on v3.0+). Generally, when upgrading, we recommend upgrading in smaller intervals (~5 versions or so at a time).

Hi @Tess,
thank you. I try with update.