Header and Navigation bar not available On-Prem


We are using Retool On-Prem version 2.68.20. However, the canvas is not split into header and main, nor is the navigation component available to me in edit mode.
How can I have access to this feature ?


Hey @andypetale!

Happy to help here! I believe both the header and navigation bar came out after this version. Would you mind trying to update your version to see if this helps?

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Hey @Chris-Thompson !
Thank you for tour prompt answer! It as been very helpful.

I have 2.82.39 installed and have hit the same issue. I can add items to the header, but they are not show. They appear in the left-hand explorer, but don't show.

Hi @ssykes,

It looks like this was sorted out via chat? :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for reaching out!