Retool app display issue: Works in Safari but not Chrome

I'm facing an issue with my Retool app that, until recently, was working on both Safari and Chrome. However, now it's only displaying properly in Safari, and on Chrome it is showing up blank. I haven't made any recent changes that could have triggered this problem. Chrome is our preferred browser for accessing the Retool app so I would appreciate any suggestions or advice on how to troubleshoot this, thanks!

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What is the issue? A component? screenshots?

In Chrome if I try to edit the app, I'm seeing this

All of my folders are still there and working but the component tree is blank

Here it is in Safari:

Flagged this as a bug - make sure that all of your components have the Always show in Editor Mode selected....

Hi @hanaflower317, it looks like you're in the responsive mobile view in that screenshot. There should be an option to turn back into desktop mode in the bottom left of the canvas, it's a toggle with a tooltip that says "Set canvas to desktop size."

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Got it!! thank you so much