Graph Legend Display and Renaming


I have a line chart with 5 datasets displayed.

1.) Is there a way to rename the graph legends. For instance: Wind Speed vs "wind_speed_set_1".

2.) Is there a way to have only 1 of the dataset displayed by default when the page loads. Currently is plots all graphs on top of each.


Hey @NightTimeNoche!

1.) There's definitely a way to rename the legends.

Our charts are just Plotly JS charts, so any docs you can find on Plotly should be applicable!

2.) If you modify the underlying data, then it's possible! You can conditionally return certain data points and show that data in your chart.

In my example, I am starting off with just Canada data.

In my chart, I'm not changing anything!

See attached app JSON if you want to poke around with my setup. You can import this JSON file by clicking Create new (home page) > From JSON. Quick docs on exporting/importing apps here.

Let me know if you have any questions at all!

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Super helpful, thank you so much!