Gap Above Fixed Header?


I'm not sure when it started, but all of my apps with fixed headers now have an annoying gray blank space above the header. I'm not really sure when this started as the "editor" versions of all my apps have an annoying, unnecessary black space above the header :sweat_smile:.

Anyway, please fix this so I don't have to add custom CSS to fix this everywhere :slight_smile:.


EDIT: just to add to this, this is causing the issue:

.presentation-canvas-padding .retool-canvas-container--with-app-shell {
    margin-top: 48px;

It looks like this class is being improperly added

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Hi All,

Can I at least get confirmation that this is the expected behavior of the header component? Then I'll change our sitewide CSS.

Here's what we're seeing (this is on a completely blank, new app):

Hey @dzear :wave: I am unable to recreate this on my end, can I ask what version of Retool you are currently on?

Hey @lauren.gus, thanks for the response!

I'm on Retool cloud.

You have to be viewing the page with Use rights and not Edit/Own rights. Otherwise you see that nice black bar filling in the blank space :slight_smile:.

This is a good example of why we need to have a "View as User" option as requested here: Preview as... {group} option

Got it, thanks for clarifying @dzear! I tied a bug report to this thread to keep you posted when progress is made. Appreciate you pointing this out :+1:

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I have this issue with 2.102.5 in the self-hosted edition for Use only users

Hey all, this should be fixed now :tada:

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