Strange padding on top for non-admins


I have a strange padding on top of my app, that i can't seem to reproduce in my editor mode (since that top padding is taken by the black ribbon that shows mobile/desktop versions and etc.). It's only seen in non-admin/users without editing capabilities.

Clearing cache, using incognito, won't fix this. John from support says this is expected:

"Ah. So, it looks like, unfortunately, this is expected. We have an internal feature request to change the design pattern for users who don't have edit access so that they won't see this padding but it isn't complete yet. I'll go ahead and connect that internal request to this thread, but I would encourage you to share this on the community forums as well! I imagine a lot of users would like to get rid of that padding as well."

Anybody else experiencing this?

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Hey, @rodrigogalindez thanks for writing in about this. We are aware of this visual issue for users who only have viewer permissions. We have an internal request to have this corrected in the future and once it has been we will update this thread. Thank You!

Hey @rodrigogalindez, if you want to get rid of this now (like I did :slight_smile:), you can try this Preloaded CSS (in the site-wide advanced settings):

/* Fixes Retool bug of blank space at top. Can be removed when Retool fixes their bug... */
.presentation-canvas-padding .retool-canvas-container--with-app-shell {
    margin-top: 0px !important;
.presentation-canvas-padding .retool-canvas-container--with-navigation {
    height: 100% !important;

I also add this one so that I don't have weird overflow text as an admin:

._37GzR {
  display: none !important;
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Hi dzear! Sorry, took me so long to reply, but yes, this works and fixes this weird bug! Can't believe why Retool has not fixed this yet. It's so annoying! Thank you!

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