Forum setting show count of new items; display bug

Under 'Navigation Menu' settings you can choose how new/unread topics and posts are displayed. The top option displays a little blue dot next to categories and whatnot when there is a new update. The bottom option is suppose to show a number as well, but since it also displays if it's new, unread or a draft the longer catgeory names end up cutting off this part of it (like 'Account and User ... 1 ...') or all of it as seems to be the case w 'Community Show & Tell'


perhaps it's just my screen, but I have a ton of space on the sides that could be used to resize the area so all the text fits.

or moving this so it's under the category name like

would make this information more useable. I'd actually prefer to see this information but having to click/navigate to find out if the messages are new or unread anyway defeats the purpose of trying to show this to us

side note: you can select both display options at the same time, but it looks like only 1 is used. is this the case or is there some sort of 3rd option that uses a combination both?

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Hey @bobthebear

Thanks for the great feedback!

I agree, having the text cut off is very unhelpful especially when there is so much room on the left side that could be used.

I like the idea for having the details below the category as well.

That is interesting that only one option is applied when two boxes are check. I can look into if it is possible to display both at the same time!


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