New beta-IDE: Query "Output" to the bottom?

  1. Can we please have the ability to put the "Output" to the bottom?
  2. This will maybe also help this big gap of white space? The query string of the GET action is now cramped into a little box. :wink:

Hi @PatrickMast, thanks for the feedback!

I see that Jess followed up with you in Discord, but for posterity -- we are working on improving the UI of the query editor which will address that box of white space.

It sounds like we'll also hide that empty output until the query has run & it's relevant to see there

Thanks Tess! I'm not always 100% sure where to post feedback. Here or on Discord. What is the preferred way?

For most feedback, I'd always recommend posting the feedback here on the forums because it allows other users to chime in with their ideas and +1s. We always share forum feedback with the appropriate eng team internally.

However, in the case of the new IDE, it's a new feature so the product team created that Discord channel to get user feedback right away without having to wait for myself and my teammates to relay it from forum posts.

In other words, always post feedback here unless it pertains to a beta testing channel in Discord, in which case you can just post it directly in Discord. Even if you do add it to a beta testing channel in Discord, it doesn't hurt to add it to the forum since it'll give more visibility to other developers :slightly_smiling_face:

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