Feature request - access control on-prem without enterprise licencing

Access / permission control for on-prem to control app access without having to fork out for an enterprise licence.

For $50 per user, a pro cloud account can control access to apps. There is no feature for this on-prem without forking out for an enterprise licence. Why is it allowed on cloud for $50 and not on-prem? Why is there no $50 on-prem pro tier to allow for access control?

Hi @rcanpolat Thank you for this feature request!

Originally, we created self-serve on-prem as a way for smaller companies with security requirements to evaluate Retool On-Premise without a financial commitment. Unlike enterprise plans, where we work with teams to scope out a time-boxed proof of concept, self-hosting on the startup plan gives you a chance to play and familiarize yourself with the developer experience in Retool before considering a committed investment that would serve to deploy at scale. Once the customer grows and requires more features, we offer more hands on support and a comparable enterprise package.

That said, our team is always re-evaluating our offerings, so it's helpful to hear your feedback