Restrict Logins to certain IP ranges

For security reasons we would like to be able to restrict the user login to Retool to specific IP addresses/ranges.

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Hey @moritz! Andrew from Retool.

We allow that with our on-premise version! Since you host it you can restrict access to users inside of your network or any custom limitations you want to put in place. Here are some instructions on how to set it up on AWS.

Hi @ajspencer. I am fully aware that this is something we could do with the on-premise version. However, as you probably agree, the on-premise version is not the right fit for each of your clients, especially as it comes at a much higher price than your cloud versions. Security however is relevant for all of your clients and I would imagine that the implementation of an IP restriction per client on the software layer shall be fairly simple.

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This is critical feature for hosted solution as well. Is there any update on this after March 2021 ? Is this feature available?

Hey @Madhukar_Bangar!

At the moment the way to restrict access to specific IPs is still to use a self-hosted instance of Retool though the team is looking to make that a more accessible option!