External Users permission group

Hey all / Retool admins,

Is the new External users permission groups thing available for self-hosted instances of Retool?

I cannot for the life of me work out how to turn it on for my self-hosted version.

Also, with reading the documentation on the Retool website, it is still not clear to me what the different is between and 'external' and an 'end' user.

If anyone in the community can gently point in the direction of the answers for above it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi bg1900,
an 'external' user interacts with your Retool apps via embeds, whereas 'end' users may directly use your Retool apps. 'End' users may also include 'external' users as final users of the app but typically we have seen end users as those working at your org and utilizing the internal tools you have built. External users in most cases are those interacting with your application who are not a part of your org (typically through things like like Retool Embed.) Retool embed is used when orgs want to build in Retool and integrate them into an existing project.

For your first question can you share which version of Retool you are on and how you are deployed?

Thanks for clarifying Diego.

I am using 3.52 stable self hosted release

Hi @bg1900 :wave:,

A few community members jumped in a conversation here for someone with a similar question.

The TLDR, as per @bobthebear, is:

internal users = co-workers
external users = random strangers

An important thing to note is permission controls are only available to orgs on the Business plan or higher.

@bobthebear -- excellent explanation.

Thanks @AbbeyHernandez -- that clears it up for me.

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