End Users vs. External Users Pricing And Workflow

On the Retool pricing page, the Business plan says "access to external user pricing*" which seems to be separate from end-user pricing @$15/mo (annually). I haven't found any information about this, and, since I'm using Retool already, I'd love some info on how external user pricing works instead of booking a demo.

This is for a startup with no external users to start, and those external users will be expected to pay the business a subscription fee (via Stripe, through Memberstack, or similar.)

So, should I be considering the embed function? It seems as though that won't work unless I gate that embedded content through Memberstack, but then I think we might have authentication struggles.

Ideally, I would like to natively have external users through Retool. Can anyone advise on external user (not end user) pricing and workflow?


I found some info on the forum here:
" Pricing

External users are priced at the same rate as end users on the Team and Business [plans](Retool pricing). However, usage for external use cases varies and the default pricing might not work for everyone. If you're pre-product or have hundreds of thousands of users, talk to our team to learn more."