Entire Retool Environment in Bold Font

I'm not sure what happened, but Friday I was working in the App Builder and the entire Retool environment started displaying in bold font across all of my browsers (Edge, Chrome, and Firefox). No other websites are displaying this way. I used Chrome's Inspector and it looks like everything suddenly is displaying with a font-weight of 600. Again this is everything under my Retool subdomain and no where else across all browsers. I've tried clearing browser caches and rebooting my computer with no success at returning the Retool environment to default font settings. I've accessed it from another computer and it displays fine, but for some reason on my primary workstation it's displaying all fonts with a the font-weight of 600. Any suggestions on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated.

Are you still having this problem? Is this only happening in Retool or is it across all sites? What kind of computer are you using?