End user access to upgrade billing

On behalf of one of my clients, i created an app and now i'm giving the users access.

I'm the standard user on the account, i developed the app and also set up the end users. They all have limited access to only a certain app. I also added their billing info and set them up on the monthly billing plan. However, they may want to upgrade to annual billing on the plan.

Is there a way for an end user to do this, or am I only available to do so as the "standard user."

Kind of odd if not, as I only have relations to their product as the developer, i don't need to be involved in their billing.

Hi @dru_nasty!

The account Admin will be able to edit the billing for the account however, end users do not have access to billing. You can refer to our documentation about billing usage for more info.

Hope that clarifies things :slightly_smiling_face:!