Easy way to use manually use the color scheme of "auto color"?


I've just started with Retool and I'm already making good progress :ok_hand:

I'm often using the Column type: Tag (Dropdown) when it comes to displaying eg. a status in a table and I really love the colors which are used when using Tag color: auto, especially since they also use a font color.

However, I like my status: "active" to be green and not randomly colored so I would need to use my own colors or use the {{ theme.success }} for example. Is there an easy way to use the color scheme of the auto created tags?

Thanks in advance!

Best Christopher

Welcome to Retool.

I can tell you how I manage tag color. May not be applicable to you, but hopefully you can get some clues for your use case. The method does take a few more steps to set up but has the advantage of all of the colors being the same throughout all of the apps.

All of my lookup table (like status) have a color field that holds the hex value of the color I want to use:

task_status_id task_status color
3 Entered #5a81d9
4 In Progress #3f40bb
5 On Hold #f50400
6 Complete #139118

My table column settings look like thjis:

My table takes those colors:


I also have a System Settings page where I can edit all of my lookup tables:


You can type in the hex code, but I use a color picker component I made so the client can easily change the colors to what they want: