Tag automatic color assigning same color to different tag

Hi Retool Community

I currently set the 'Assign tag colors automatically' on to few columns on a table

However, they are having issue assigning different color to different tag

As shown above, the Conflic and Complted are assigned the same color here.

Do you have an idea how can I make it work?

Hi @zelterNN

On the table column itself, if you click add ons, you can set options for each tag individually or you can map it to a query, and you can set up the colors so they are different, and pick the ones that make the most sense to you.

Hope this helps

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On top of Milan's suggestion, you may want check also the App theme settings:

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Thanks @Milan_Kalem,

Is there a more automated way to generate the distinct list of Options and assign them different colors?

Because for my input data, the numbers of categories can change overtime, and all i need is just to let them have different colors so the end users are easier to distinguish between them.

Thanks! but theme needs Enterprise plan. will try that if our org choose to upgrade :wink: