Documentation Suggestion : When to Use {{ }}

As a newcomer to Retool, I've often misused {{ }}. Knowing when these are required or not allowed can save enormous amounts of debugging time. A Doc page listing when the double curly braces are required or not allowed would save newcomers a lot of frustration, I think.

Absolutely valid, @haj. We've shared this feedback with the docs team. I've personally seen this cause confusion with other users, so a doc like this would definitely be helpful!

Maybe I can even write up a quick post in our Tips & Tricks category. Have you run into any specific gotchas that I can add below?

In general, use double curlies:

  • When referencing anything Retool specific, e.g. {{ }} or {{ text1.value }}
  • When writing Javascript, e.g. in a Text component's value field, {{ checkbox1.value ? 'yes' : 'no'}}

An exception:

  • Inside JS queries, double curlies should NOT be used

Some notes:

  • The space between the curlies and the text is optional! e.g.{{}} is the same as {{ }}
  • Triple curlies can occasionally cause problems, so a space might be helpful. e.g. {{{'key':123}}} might cause errors. Try {{ {'key': 123} }} instead
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