Add tooltip option to query

I have no idea if this is a feasible feature request for the UI, but on the Advanced tab of a query it'd be nice to be able to set a tooltip text box. if it's set and you mouse over the query in the Code sidepanel you would see this tooltip. so you don't have to click the query to see a code comment and instead just move the mouse to see a message. it'd be mostly useful when you have a code window or any of the setting pop ups open as they close when you click outside of them or when its a workflow query and you have to do page navigations to check a comment... or you could set the tooltip value to a variable and on fail set the variable to easily see error messages or debug info.

edit: for those interested, you can do this w the tooltip for the UI component that is using the query which is handy as long as that component is visible just don't forget it remove it heh

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Hello @bobthebear ,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Are you thinking of an experience similar to when you place your cursor over a {{}} javascript object in retool and you can preview the JSON like data structure? As you stated, we make use of this concept in quite a few places, either showcasing JSON data, or internal state ({i}), and this would just be another area that would help you develop?

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thanks for replying @brettp!! a bit like that i suppose. I'm really sorry for the bad programmer art, my ms paint skills go about as far as copy pasta :wink:

or something similar to the comments you can use in workflows

It's just an example situation but if I'm working on a query or something from the Code panel that references other variables or queries it could just be a bit time saving by hovering over the query and seeing the return structure or custom note instead of having to click the query, possibly run the query, then check the output, click back to the query you were working on, then continue on being happy Retool exists :sunglasses:

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Something similar to docstrings

what params accept the query (additional scopes)
what the query does (a short description)
what the query returns (what the user should expect from the query)



yes, this! +1, forget my little note/message if something like docstrings is possible.

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and now that Multiplayer is coming, it will be more helpful

Hello @bobthebear , @Oscar_Ortega ,

Thank you both for your feedback. I've submitted this to our App Building team for consideration in further enhancements!

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