Directly typing in editable table cell without first pressing enter doesn't persist changes

Here's a video of the issue:


First time I go by pressing: 1 - Enter - 2 - Enter - 3 - Enter.
Second time, when it works: Enter - 1 - Enter - Enter - 2 - Enter - Enter - 3 - Enter.

Am I missing something? My users are coming from excel and will expect the first behaviour to work. Thanks!

Hi @Herge,

Hmm the behavior that I'm seeing with a single enter is slightly different:

Edit first cell -> Click enter to get to the second row cell (see that the first edit is still there) -> Start typing and see that it replace the entire contents of the second row cell with the newly typed info.

What browser are you using? Do you mind if I log in to your app to try to reproduce this?

Sure, go ahead.
The table in the gif is just a default, freshly created one though...

I'm using the latest Chrome version.

Tried creating a fresh app, called "TableTest", which you can inspect. The behaviour is the exact same in there.

Hi @Herge Thanks! I am seeing the same behavior now :thinking: Will keep you posted

Also, @Herge, is it working as expected for you in the Viewer version of the app? We still need to fix this regression, but I think it should still be working as expected for end users

Yep, this seems to be working fine in Viewer mode. Thanks for the digging!