Deploying staging/production in steps

Is there a way to deploy an app in steps? Meaning apply changes in staging (to allow deploying my APIs to staging) and only after I'm deploying to production - apply retool production?
Otherwise - any API change must be backward compatible. Is that the case?
What's the common practice?

Hey @Udi_Ben_Amitai! Assuming you are using Retool Cloud without Source Control (an Enterprise feature). IF either of those assumptions are wrong, let me know!

If you are making changes to an api / db schema that changes the way you are interacting with that data in an app, and that change isn't backwards compatible, i recommend the following.

  1. Create two versions of the app (storing them in different folders Ie: dev / prod).
  2. Create two versions of the resource or create staging / prod environments (depending on plan level) .
  3. Once you have made changes to the dev app and api, that you want to promote to production. Make the changes to the prod API, and export the dev app to JSON / Toolscript. Next, import that JSON / Toolscript file into the production app (from the 3 dot menu).

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 9.26.43 AM