Release version

Refer to … Can we have staging and production environment using different “release version”?
The use case is the published version is on testing in staging and production using “older version”, as the newer on is still in testing…


Hey @char, thanks for writing in about this. To clarify, you are writing in about 2 different features:

  • Staging & production toggle for resources
  • Releases for apps

Right now these two features are independent; however, I can understand how you would want to use them together in a nice workflow! Since they are independent, that means that your end users will be able to toggle into production or staging for any apps that have staging resources configured.

In order to test against staging resources, but have your published apps use production resources, you would have create multiple copies of your apps (or alternatively, your resources). Otherwise your end users will be able to toggle between staging and production as they wish.

If you have any other context that would be helpful, please let us know! This is something that we’ll take into consideration the next time we work on these features.