How to control released changes from Dev to Prod environment?

We created two environments for Retool App, one for dev and one for prod. Currently we faced the challenges to manage the releases changes from dev to prod environments. Every change we made and released on dev would reflect on prod immediately.
We look for options to control which released changes on dev can be deployed to prod. We though this feature is common to find but no luck so far.
Any suggestions or best practice you have for deployment control between multiple environments? Thanks!

Contact Retool Support

Hey @felicechuang! It was great to meet you and talk to you during office hours the other day :grin:. As we discussed, the environments in Retool are a means of allowing the same resource to hit different datasources depending on the environment selected, and the app code does not change per environment. As your staging and prod dbs often have schema changes, we do recommend having different versions of the app in different folders so that you can develop against your staging resources before you make the schema changes to your prod db.