How to change database for whole app all at once?

We currently have a staging and a production database which we use the same retool app on.
Our current workflow is making changes in the staging retool app which uses our staging db for all our queries.
Once we have made the changes we delete the old production app, duplicate the staging app and then change all the necessary resources in our queries.
I'm just wondering if there's a better way to do this ?

Hey @Shannon_Blackhall!

Have you explored using release versions at all? Retool supports creating a release version of the current state of your app, you can then choose which release version you'd like to be the version that's live and displayed to users. That means any changes you make won't be immediately visible, and you can set up production and staging resource environments to more easily be able to switch to your staging database while making edits.

Does that sound like it could work?