Migrating Production application to Stage Environment

Hi Retool Community,

I started building my app in the product environment as a free member. Now, with the Business Plan, I have access to the stage environment. How can I move my app from production to stage and manage both environments?

Any quick tips or steps would be super helpful!

It looks the staging is disabled, which means that one or more of the resources used in your app need to be configured for this environment. If you hover over the name of the environment, it should show you which once this bug is fixed.

thanks for the reply @jg80 . When you say resources need to be configured for stage environment, all queries for an Application in Production environment needs to created in Stage environment. its clear now.

I was wondering how to manage the production App from stage environment? for example, only latest version should be available in production and i continue to develop in stage environment. I am new to development hence these queries..

The following docs are useful in terms of describing how environments and releases function.

You may also want to look into connecting source control for additional structure in release management.