Unable to have apps for multiple environments at different versions

I have set up multiple environments for the app I am creating on retool. I currently have the staging and the production environments. The problem I am facing is that whenever I make a draft release in the staging area, that gets applied to the app in the production env. Both environments go to that release whenever I revert to a previous version.

I want to have a different version in the staging area where I have more components that I can test than the one in the production environment. I went through the documentation, but it is minimal. Please help to fix it.

Hey @Saurabh_Korgaonkar!

At the moment environments are primarily geared toward resource management whereas release versions are for managing frontend changes. Outside of using a multi-instance deployment there doesn't exist a dedicated "staging environment" for the UI changes you make in an app.

If you want to make staging changes you might try ensuring you've published one of your previous releases so that users accessing your app won't see the latest changes. Then, you can make changes to your app in a release and test them in both staging and production environments before publishing them.

Does that seem like it could work?

@Kabirdas - is there a feature request around this topic?
I'm struggling with a deployment strategy for my application.
Ideally - I want to have 2 separate URLs - one for staging and one for production, that by default without needing to choose _environment or _releaseVersion, would point to the relevant resource.

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Hey @Udi_Ben_Amitai - it sounds like this use case would be solved by using Source Control, which is available on the Enterprise plan. If you're open to considering enterprise, I'd recommend booking some time to chat with the team