Date Picker looks bad/unusable on Mobile


My date picker on mobile is really hard to use when selecting a date that is 1+ month away (which is a common use case for me). See the screenshot where half of June will be cut off when selecting a date. Users also wont be able to navigate to July/August/etc.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 10.59.06 AM

Are there any settings that I'm missing here to fix this? It would be great if only 1 month showed up on the mobile date picker.


Anyone from @retool_team ?

Hey @Scott_Orgel :wave:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We created a ticket for this and it's being reviewed by our engineers. I'll comment here with any updates.

In the meantime there's 2 workarounds to help you get unstuck. If you flip the phone horizontal the full 2 months of date options are visible or you can use the keyboard to select dates. Again, not ideal, but it gets you unblocked until we get this fixed!

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Thanks @AbbeyHernandez for the response! My users won't know to do this, so it really doesn't unblock me :pensive: I'll eagerly await a fix haha!

Yeah, I agree it's not ideal! I would leave a tip suggesting they type the date until the fix comes.