Mobile datepicker bug when entering YYYY

When entering YYYY for the datepicker component, generally the year section behaves quite odd.

E.g. when entering birthdates manually (without using the actual datepicker, just typing the date as a . or / separated number in the field), dates such as 1992 appear as 1909 since the third (?) part of the year seems not to be taken into account or "changes" when the fourth letter changes.

When users then try to use the datepicker, they have to change years back from 1909 (or any other odd number that comes out) which ends in just endless scrolling for them.

Hello @w7_gmbh!

That is very odd, could you share a screen recording of this behavior?

Will try to reproduce :sweat_smile:

Hi Jack, reproducing the error by example:

I have a datepicker for birthdates. Users may use the datepicker through its UI element and everything works well, yet, when they type in a date, e.g. 01/01/1999 it falls back to 1909. Now, if users try to get back to 1999 by using the date picker, they have to go through "90 years" to get to 1999.

When I type 1992 I get 1902, 2022 also becomes 1902 - something seems to be wrong there..?



Hello @w7_gmbh!

Hope you had a good weekend. Just tested out the mobile component and can confirm the bug.

Another user reported this as well, I will tag on this thread to add a +1 for our mobile engineering team to take a look at!

For now as a workaround I would recommend using the calendar icon to select a date and hopefully we can get this fixed asap :saluting_face:

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