Date Component doesn't swaps day and month when typing

I'm using a date component in my app with the following date format: dd.MM.yyyy.
When I type the date manually, the component selects the date according to the MM.dd.yyyy format, therefore effectively swapping month and day (see screenshot). Weirdly, the manual entry is working fine when day (dd) is larger than 12.

Hey Anton! I was able to reproduce this issue—thank you for flagging it with us.

I've raised a bug ticket with the dev team and have linked your org to the ticket. I'll keep you posted with any progress that's made on this.

As a potential workaround in the meantime, you could request users to not type in the date but rather select from the calendar pop-up, or you could use mm/dd/yyyy as the date format for the Date component and then convert this to dd/mm/yyyy before sending the data to your db. I know these aren't ideal, so hopefully we can get this prioritized soon!