Control query or component of an app using workflow

I want to control a component or query in app using retool workflow. What i want to do is hit the endpoint and when it is triggered we should just reload the whole app or the component so that it gets updated in realtime.

What do you means of endpoint, where would you will trigger the workflow? In the app/component or outside the app/component? I think if outside the app/component, you maybe need some tech such as websocket etc.

Yes from outsite. But how can i interact with table to refresh it from outside. I can write an API for it but how should i refresh the component. I need logic for that

Hey @HamzaK99!

Workflows currently can't push live updates to apps, though it is something that has been requested before. I've added this thread to the internal tracking ticket for the feature and can let you know here if it does end up being included! In the meantime, you might try running a query periodically from your app that checks for updates - could that work?